Project Fit – 45 Peak

I liked the sound of this place before I went down to Bank to try out one of their classes. PROJECT FIT. Now that’s the type of project I wanna manage. Gantt chart, SMART objectives and everything.

The gym, on paper, ticks all the boxes. High intensity? Tick. Dance music and darkness? Tick. Shouty athletic man you will inevitably find yourself weirdly attracted to? Tick. In fact, the gym is SO shouty that Tatler named Project Fit its 2015 favourite shouty gym for strength work. Needless to say, I was excited.

Fit people

Joel Hilton and Ben Staines, resident fit people and co-founders of Project Fit, launched the gym back in 2014 with 3 rules in mind: run with heart; move with passion and purpose; and give it everything you have. By the end of the session you will have no doubt why these are the rules of Project Fit.

The reception area is a shop come locker room come smoothie bar, which makes for a comfortable, easy environment. There is one studio, which makes for an all too common gym-based social scenario – the traditional meeting of smug class leavers with the anxious newbies about to enter. Some can’t handle the situation and turn and run. I, personally, find it motivating. We too, anxious newbies, are in for a fitness challenge like no other! Rejoice!

The studio itself, I have to say, won’t do much to allay the fears of anybody new to high intensity classes. It is industrial, dark and with a DJ booth that even Pete Tong would be proud of. But it is also an honest and very fitting environment for the work out Project Fit seeks to deliver – intense, sweaty and motivating.


The instructor was very welcoming, and asked all newcomers to come to the front for a quick brief before the workout kicked off in earnest – a nice touch and useful for those who may be feeling a little anxious about the 45 minutes ahead of them.

The group is split into two, with one group on the treadmills and the other on the floor. There are three levels to the class: walk; jog; run. This creates the feeling of a somewhat personalised workout which is no small feat in a class of 15 or so people – you make the class what you want to and so it is good for beginners and the more experienced alike.

The treadmill sessions were hard but extremely rewarding (think high intensity intervals at your fastest pace with varying degrees of incline throughout). The floor session was also tough, with plenty of squats, core work, press ups and arm strengthening moves, although it might be tricky to keep up if you aren’t a regular gym goer. The whole session was very well rounded, and no part of me felt unworked by the end.

Project… hit?

The final hurdle of the session was the stairs back up to street level – pretty gruelling after such an intense fitness class. I can’t help but think Ben and Joel thought that through when choosing the place…

Other than that, Project Fit is an all round success, and the rates aren’t so bad either (first class free, £15.00 per class and a number of credit bundles/unlimited monthly rates thereafter). I can absolutely see why it has become so popular and would urge any reader to give one of their classes a go.

Project Fit, 36 – 28 Cornhill, EC3V 3ND 



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